Recreational marine fishing in Norway services and prices

Main services

  • 4 persons + 1 motorboat = 1900 Eur (19000 NOK)
  • 6 persons + 2 motorboats = 3000 Eur (30000 NOK)
  • 7 persons + 2 motorboats = 3300 Eur (33000 NOK)
  • 8 persons + 2 motorboats = 3600 Eur (36000 NOK)
  • 9 persons + 3 motorboats = 4000 Eur (40000 NOK)

* Pricing includes the following: accommodation with all facilities, motorboats for 7 days. Fuel for motorboats is not included into the price.
See section “Accommodation” for more details.

Additional services

  • Additional person = 350 Eur (3500 NOK)
  • Additional motorboat  = 600 Eur (6000 NOK) Recommended number of persons for one motorboat is up to 4.
  • New model motorboat 900 Eur (9000 NOK)
  • Fishing rod set (mechanical reel) – 7 days 50 Eur (500 NOK)
  • Fishing rod set (electrical reel) – 7 days 70 Eur (700 NOK)
  • Floatation Fishing Suit – 7d. 50 Eur (500 NOK)
  • Prices of rubber fishing lures available in different colours: – 25-40 Eur/pcs,  (240-400 NOK/pcs)

Attention, you will need to use your own reel line when renting a fishing rod.

Carbon fibre sea fishing rods designed for deep-sea fishing with electrical multiplying or mechanical reel (according to the needs). These fishing rods have a robust handle shaft and a top with special action that is efficient with baits.

„DAM Supreme Boat“ floating 2-part suit.  CE and ISO 12402-5 certified, incredibly light, soft, durable, 75x150D external polyester fabric, waterproof. Soft “210T Taffeta” insulation, enhanced external material in elbow and shoulder areas, zippered pockets, high quality 3M reflectors (detachable), casing adjustable in height and width and safety whistle. The suit does not restrict movement, enhanced trouser material in the bottom and knee areas, trouser braces adjustable in length, high-waisted trousers.

  • Sauna – 30 Eur/2 hours (300 NOK/2 hours)

Our guests are welcome to relax in the sauna.



For the convenience of our guests, we have an equipped refrigerating room of around 15 m2, where temperature is constantly kept at -20 C. Also, vacuuming room is equipped with the required vacuuming equipment. Two clothing drying rooms with a washing machine and shoe dryers. Our guests are more than welcome to use our fish smoker.