About us

Fishing camp SØRØYA DREAM FISH is situated on Sørøya island, in the village of Breivikbotn. Sørøya is the fourth largest island in Northern Norway, Finmark county, covering an areas of 811.4 km². It is known as one the richest places in fish in Norway and for some world-record catches. This makes it a perfect place for recreational fishing.

Fishing camp SØRØYA DREAM FISH offers all the services that will allow you to have comfortable and memorable “fishing holidays”, such as accommodation in spacious apartments (for groups of 4 to 10 people) with all facilities and free Wi-Fi internet access, rent of marine motorboats with all the required equipment, rent of fishing tools (fully equipped fishing rods, unsinkable suits, vests), transportation services (carriage / driving from/to the airport). The camp is equipped with an in indoor room for fish processing and a big refrigerating room, vacuuming room with the required equipment and clothes drying room. Dock is situated only several steps away from the apartments, while there is a recreational area with grills arranged outside. Next to the fishing camp you will find a grocery store, petrol station, café-bar, ATM and a pharmacy.

Fishing season lasts from March up until the middle of September, then you can catch the biggest fish, such as cods, halibuts, saithes and wolf-fishes.
Winter usually still reminds of itself in March or April, but these months are the most successful for catching cods. Cods often weigh as much as 30 kg, while some catches exceed 40 kg. Later, you will be able to try your luck with huge schools of saithes, deep-sea perches, impressive sea wolves or halibuts lurking in shallows. These “beasts” of the Norwegian sea waters might be bigger in size and weight than you yourself – halibuts often weigh 50-60 kg, or if you are lucky even over 100 kg.

Whichever month you choose for fishing, all through the holidays you will be accompanied by unique and miraculous views of nature, you will be able admire the white night in the summer time and the impressive auroras in the winter. Here you can observe hunting orcas, pods of dolphins or even whales, the largest animals of the planet.
And maybe you will be the one of the fishermen who gets the biggest dream catch? We are ready to welcome you!